Orient House is direct importer and distributor of:
• 100% bio argan oil cosmetic
• bio argan oil cosmetic with rose
• 100% alimentary argan oil
• 100% bio prickly peer (opuntia, cactus) oil
Some of them are hand woven with embroidery. Theese exclusive scarves are mostly made of 100% wool (cashmere, merino or another exceptional qualities).
All our ingredients come from the very best suppliers around the world, as we exclusively use all natural, high-quality ingredients.

We are a family company, where all members have a rich experiences of long-term stays in oriental countries.
Our big advantage is the excellent knowledge of the culture, natural beauty, mentality and business practices of oriental countries. This enables us to offer our products at the market in the highest quality with great prices.

• A family business - a family approach
• We deal directly with the manufacturers - not through intermediaries
• Our partners are reputable companies, which we regularly visit.
• We check compliance with quality standards in the manufacturing process and we are working on proposals for designs and development of new products
• We import 100% natural argan oil, 100% natural opuntia oil, pashmina shawls from the highest quality Himalayan mountain goat wool, and other exclusive products that are typical for each country

Enjoy your purchase!

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