Beautiful and soft woolen women's and men's scarves from Kashmir

Women's and men's scarves from Kashmir

A touch of luxury that we all deserve - these are cashmere scarves that you will simply love! They are inspired by the Far East and will be a stylish accessory for everyone. Cashmere is love at first touch.

Cashmere wool is one of the most luxurious and expensive natural textiles. Due to its useful and aesthetic properties, it is also among the most sought after. Women's and men's cashmere wool scarves are very fine, soft, pleasant to touch and wear.

You will feel its delicate softness, amazing softness and warmth - you will quickly realize that you are holding something special in your hands.

The scarf is designed and suitable for year-round wear. The wool used in the production of scarves is obtained from animals living at high altitudes. It is characterized by high warmth and at the same time its softness.

Cashmere was considered an unusually high-quality material already in ancient times, when it received the nickname "fiber for kings", loosely translated as "fiber of kings". Today, however, you don't have to be a king to enjoy the luxurious touch of cashmere on your own skin.

Woolen scarves provide excellent protection against the cold in the winter months, and on the contrary, they are pleasantly cool in the transitional period and summer months. Thanks to their delicacy and beautiful pattern, scarves are an excellent and elegant addition to festive clothing as well as casual clothing.

How is cashmere obtained?

Cashmere wool is obtained by combing the undercoat (undercoat) of the cashmere goat. This extremely hardy breed lives on the plateaus of China and Mongolia. The undercoat of Kashmiri goats is soft, dense and perfectly protects against frosts that drop to -40 °C. Unique climatic conditions are the reason for the exceptional properties of cashmere fibers.

Raw cashmere, which is obtained by combing the undercoat in the spring and summer months, goes through a long process of manual processing, the result of which is cashmere yarn from which scarves are woven.

Why Kashmir?

Although this natural fabric has historical roots in Nepal, Mongolia and China, it is named after Kashmir. The reason is that it was in Kashmir that the first beautiful cashmere shawls began to be woven. It was brought here by merchants who traveled along the Silk Road from China.

The work of Kashmiri weavers and masters has been appreciated all over the world and until now the best quality shawls are imported from this country.

Kani Jamavar shawls from Kashmir

Exclusive Kani Jamavar shawls are made from fine wool directly in Kashmir in small families who have been making these Kani shawls for generations. They are skilled professionals and making scarves is their craft and livelihood. Kani scarves are made by hand from fine wool. Needles made of cane or wood are used to make Kani shawls.

Kani Jamavar are popular traditional Kashmiri woolen shawls. From the obverse side, a beautiful delicate multicolored pattern with floral and ornamental motifs of different colors is woven onto the base, the combination of which optically creates many different shades of these colors. Warm, elegant, decorative and luxurious looking wool scarf.

The scarf is suitable for year-round wear. Wool is obtained from animals living at high altitudes. It is characterized by high warmth. Excellent protection against the cold in the winter months, on the contrary, it cools pleasantly in the transition period and summer months.

Thanks to its delicacy and beautiful woven pattern, it is an excellent and elegant addition to festive clothing as well as casual clothing. Kani scarves are intended primarily for ladies, but they are also popular with men thanks to their beautiful and elegant pattern.


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