Cosmetics from the Dead Sea with minerals directly from Jordan

Dead Sea cosmetics from Jordan

The Dead Sea is famous for its high content of natural minerals, which have an exceptional ability to naturally regenerate the vital functions of the skin.

Already in ancient times, people knew its healing effects. Because of this, they were willing to travel from different parts of the world to try the highly concentrated salt water, healing mud and feel the excellent results of the healing treatments on their own skin.

The Dead Sea has always been a healing spa, a rehabilitation center and a beauty salon. Even Queen Cleopatra was enchanted by its healing and beautifying effects. It is no exaggeration to say that the "mysterious effects" of the Dead Sea also contributed to its beauty.

kozmetika z Mŕtveho mora

A natural miracle and a unique therapy

The Dead Sea is a drainless salt sea that lies on the borders of Jordan and Israel. Its area is 1,050 km² and it is the lowest-lying body of water on the earth's surface. The surface of the lake lies 392 meters below sea level.

The Dead Sea is the saltiest lake on Earth. While ordinary sea water contains about 35 per million of salt (that is, 3.5%), the Dead Sea contains almost 10 times as much.

Its main tributary is the Jordan River, which supplies it with about 80% of its water. The temperature of the water is so high that almost all the water that flows into it from the Jordan evaporates, which increases the sea's salinity even more.

Water with a high salt and mineral content flows into the Dead Sea from mountain mineral springs. As a result of the dry desert air, water evaporates constantly and the concentration of salts and minerals increases. The water is deep white, very calm and so saturated with salt that you cannot swim or dive in it.

In some places on the coast, the sea water has created deposits of mud, which has beneficial effects on the human body. Black sea mud is a very special product of the Dead Sea. The huge amount of iodine and bromine in the mud, water and air has a beneficial effect on the entire nervous system. Sulfur and magnesium help to treat skin diseases, and potassium has a beneficial effect on arthritis and rheumatism.

According to statistics, 80 to 90% of patients from all over the world who have problems with acne, eczema and psoriasis use the healing effects of the Dead Sea.

Products from the Dead Sea are well-known products that have an effective effect on the skin, such as the Dead Sea Psoriasis Cream.

Mineral substances from the Dead Sea

  • Magnesium - it is a part of bones and teeth, plays a major role in the proper functioning of metabolism, improves immunity, prevents kidney stones and heart diseases. It also helps to cope with mentally stressful situations and fatigue. It participates in the control activity of more than 300 vital enzymes. Magnesium regulates heart rhythm and muscle contractions, relieves muscle tension. Improves mental processes, improves memory, judgment and thinking in elderly people. Its deficiency is manifested by disorders of the movement system, convulsions, significant nervousness, anxiety and irritation. It significantly slows down the aging process, regenerates the entire organism. It is anti-allergic and reduces skin hypersensitivity.
  • Potassium - together with sodium, maintains the balance of fluids in the body, positively affects blood pressure and heart rhythm. Potassium is important for muscle activity. It improves cell metabolism, maintains an optimal level of skin moisture and limits the cracking of delicate coils. With a lack of potassium, the sufferer suffers from apathy, confusion, extreme thirst, heart and breathing problems.
  • Calcium - Calcium is important for the formation of bones and teeth. It has strengthening effects on the cells of the skin and the whole body, activates enzymes.
  • Bromine - has disinfectant effects, helps heal skin diseases, e.g. psoriasis, soothes sensitive nerve endings in the skin, is essential for the proper functioning of the thyroid gland.
  • Zinc - accelerates wound healing, acts against acne and promotes cell renewal.
  • Chlorine - has disinfecting effects and improves the balance of minerals in cells.
  • Sodium - is important for maintaining the osmotic pressure and ionic strength of body fluids. With its deficiency, a person suffers from a feeling of fatigue and muscle cramps. It helps the metabolism between cells and allows toxic substances to be excreted from them.

Mud from the Dead Sea

Dead Sea mud is exceptionally high in minerals such as magnesium, calcium and potassium. Their regular use supports blood circulation and thus has a beneficial effect on the overall health of the body and calming the nervous system.

The effect of minerals accelerates the process of removing dead cells from the surface of the skin (so-called exfoliation) and restores the pH balance of the skin.

A mud mask from the Dead Sea improves (softens) the appearance of the skin of the face and the whole body by promoting elasticity, minimizing pores and smoothing wrinkles. By drying, it binds to itself the toxins present in the skin, which you remove from the surface of the body by washing the mud. The skin of your face and body will be radiantly clean and fresh. Dead Sea cosmetics for eczema is also one ingredient that favorably removes eczema or at least reduces it.


It is often referred to as the "curse of women". "Orange skin, dimpled, soft, bumpy". These are also adjectives related to this problem. She doesn't look good, so women try to get rid of her in all kinds of ways.

Cellulite symptoms can be alleviated by increasing blood flow to the area where cellulite occurs. This contributes to the strengthening of the connective tissue in the places where the pits are located.

And the high concentration of minerals in the mud from the Dead Sea supports blood circulation and significantly contributes to reducing the appearance of cellulite.

kvalitná kozmetika z Mŕtveho mora

Salt from the Dead Sea

Dead Sea salt contains 21 minerals including magnesium, calcium, sulfur, bromine, iodine, sodium, zinc and potassium. These irreplaceable minerals for the human body are known for their excellent healing, detoxifying and cleansing effects.

Salt crystals are famous for their ability to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, regenerate, smooth and soften the skin. The minerals contained in the salt crystals help soothe and treat eczema and psoriasis.

One of their main benefits is the ability to support blood circulation, which significantly contributes to the renewal and rejuvenation of cells.

Natural ingredients in cosmetics from the Dead Sea

We believe that pure, natural ingredients are the way to natural, true beauty. Due to the fact that we want only natural ingredients of the highest quality to be used in the production of all our products, we place great emphasis on the selection of suppliers. We buy all natural ingredients from the most reliable producers (growers) from different parts of the world.

They are obtained by traditional, simple procedures (e.g. cold pressing, distillation, desalination...) from original fruits, seeds, plants, or minerals.

  • Honey has always been valued as one of the most important natural remedies. It has a high content of nutrients and is a strong antioxidant. The medicinal substances it contains help moisturize the skin, heal scars, regenerate and heal human tissue, treat inflammation and prevent skin aging.
    Coconut milk is characterized by a high content of vitamin C, which is an effective substance supporting the elasticity (flexibility) of the skin. It also has a high copper content, which protects against the formation of wrinkles and age spots.
    Shea butter is known as "skin's best friend". It is used to reduce and treat blemishes, wrinkles and allergies.
    Tea leaves are effective in the treatment of skin diseases such as acne. Soothes sore wounds. They have excellent effects, even in eliminating odors.
    Chamomile extract has been known since ancient times and is highly valued for its calming effects. Effective against inflammation, mold and allergies.
    Avocado oil contains a large amount of unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants, which effectively affect the skin from the inside.
    Aloe Vera nourishes and moisturizes the skin. It is a strong antioxidant, supports wound healing and soothes itching.
    Argan oil is also called Moroccan gold. Contains high concentrations of vitamin E and unsaturated fatty acids. Argan oil nourishes, hydrates and softens the skin.
    Eucalyptus has anti-inflammatory effects. Effective in the treatment of wounds, ulcers and burns.
    Lemongrass is used in aromatherapy. It has a healing effect after insect bites, relieves muscle pain and destroys bacteria.
    Rosemary stimulates hair growth, supports brain activity, improves breathing problems and reduces pain.
    Lavender is known for its calming effects and positive effect on the skin. It is used in the treatment of wounds, bruises and irritated skin.
  • Jojoba oil is suitable for sensitive skin. It contains nutrients such as vitamin E and B, as well as minerals (chromium, copper and zinc). These active substances nourish the skin and protect it from the effects of the external environment.
    Thanks to its structure, almond oil is easily absorbed into the skin, softens it, and releases impurities settled in the pores and cavities of the hair. This prevents the formation of rashes and acne.
    Grape oil is effective against the formation of acne. Moisturizes and exfoliates the skin. It reduces dark circles under the eyes, heals scars, promotes collagen formation and acts against skin aging.

Our cosmetics do not contain toxic substances or harmful components such as:

genetically modified organisms, endocrine disruptors, parabens, phthalates, Triclosan, Glycol ether, aluminum, aluminum salts, methylisothiazolinone, EDTA (ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid), chlorine compounds, peracetic acid, ammonia, phosphates, alkylphenols, artificial preservatives, ethoxylates (polyethylene glycol... .), nitrosamine precursors, chemically derived ingredients, lanolin, oleyl erucate (ester of erucic acid and oleyl alcohol), oleyl linoleate, decyl oleate, dicaprylyl ether, octyldodecanol, SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate), SLSA (sodium lauryl sulfoacetate), sodium myreth sulfate , ALS (ammonium salt of lauryl sulfate), 4.methylbenzylidene camphor, resorcinol


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