Argan oil and prickly pear oil are produced by a family company

Production of argan oil and prickly pear oil by a family business in Morocco

The Erais family company produces cosmetic argan oil, cosmetic argan oil with Damascus rose, food argan oil and prickly pear oil directly in Morocco.

A family where 6 sisters work together and produce natural oils of the highest quality for generations. In the production of oils, they use their own raw materials, which they grow or buy argan nuts from Berber cooperatives with which they work closely.

The advantage of working with a family business is also a family approach to customers, which we greatly appreciate, because all our requests, questions and suggestions were answered and accepted very quickly. Thanks to the excellent cooperation we established at the beginning of our argan oil sales and the fact that we have been working with the same partner since the beginning, we have been able to import high quality argan oil and prickly pear oil at the same price for 9 years.

During cooperation, we regularly visit our partner, check the production process, and every year we also visit the women's Berber cooperatives that our Moroccan partner uses to obtain the kernels of the fruits of the argania spinosa tree, which are used in the production of argan oil.

The whole family cooperates in individual areas related to the production and sale of argan oil and prickly pear oil. The Erais family business sells these oils to several countries around the world. Thanks to her own fields and argania spinosa trees, cooperation with the local population in women's Berber cooperatives, good relations and a correct approach, she has built a good name also in the effort to develop rural areas in Morocco and improve the status of Moroccan women.


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