You help by buying organic argan oil from Morocco

By purchasing Orient House argan oil, you are directly helping Berber women and their families

We source our argan oil directly from women's argan factories located in southwestern Morocco.

By buying argan oil and products with argan oil from Orient House, you significantly support these manufactories and, above all, the women who work in them.

Moroccan argan manufactories are specific self-governing economic units that employ local Berber women, and in the tradition-bound Moroccan countryside, they bring economic and social release to these women.

By purchasing argan oil from Orient House, you are directly helping:

1. to liberate Moroccan women from their traditional subordinate position in the family and society. Before, it was not common for women to be able to move freely outside their homes without the accompaniment of their husbands. However, thanks to the work in the argan manufactories, they gained freedom of movement, and when it comes to income for the family budget, they are now equal partners.

2. ensure regular work and decent income for women in argan factories. In a region where it is difficult to find and keep a job even for men, they play an important role and participate to a large extent in its development and modernization.

3. to acquire literacy or higher education for women in argan manufactories. Decent incomes for working in factories enable women to learn to read and count even at an advanced age, or to provide education for their children.

4. restore the population of argan trees in Morocco. Only the foreign demand for argan oil was able to avert the threat of extinction of these trees. Thanks to growing demand, 65,000 argan tree seedlings are now planted by factories in Morocco every year.

By their presence, argan trees create a unique ecosystem that would disappear if the trees continued to be felled for valuable wood. Argan trees prevent the Sahara from expanding. On its southern side, the Sahara consumes more than 40 kilometers wide strip of agricultural land every year.


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