Quality guarantee of argan oil and prickly pear oil

As a family business that thoroughly knows Morocco, India, Kashmir and other oriental countries in which we have personally worked, we guarantee the highest possible quality of our products:

  • organic argan oil
  • cosmetic argan oil
  • food grade argan oil
  • products with argan oil
  • prickly pear oil
  • cashmere scarves
  • cosmetics from the Dead Sea

Country of origin Morocco

We import organic argan oil and organic prickly pear oil directly from Morocco, where all our oils are produced and bottled. On our part, there is no intervention in these natural oils, apart from affixing a label in the Slovak language. The oils do not contain any dyes, preservatives, parabens, animal products, petroleum derivatives, solvents, silicones and have not been tested on animals. Argavel argan oil was produced in the south of Morocco in the area of ​​free occurrence of argania spinosa trees. Argania spinosa trees have never been bred, genetically modified and no fertilizers or sprays have been applied.

All Orient House products meet the safety requirements specified in Regulation of the European Parliament and Council (EC) No. 1223/2009 on cosmetic preparations and products.

We thoroughly know the mentality and habits of the people in Morocco, and among the many local producers of argan oil and prickly pear oil, we chose one female Berber argan manufactory that impressed us with its extraordinary conscientiousness, the high quality of its products, and a very friendly and family approach.

This manufactory is run by the Errais family business and is located right in the area where argan trees grow. It works on the principle of fair trade: for the work done, adequate remuneration for the local Berber women who work in this cooperative. We visit them often and maintain friendly relations, which helps us regularly monitor the quality of our oils.

Why is the direct import of products from a producer in Morocco so important to us? Why don't we buy cheap oils from Europe?

Because, only thanks to the direct import of organic argan oil and organic prickly pear oil, we bring you the highest possible quality of natural oils.

Today you can buy cheap oil in Europe from a large number of suppliers. They are mostly part of large chains where anonymity prevails. The origin or quality of the sold oil is very difficult to determine. Therefore, it sometimes happens that the customer buys a modified oil of low quality, which is declared as 100% natural cold-pressed oil. Sometimes it even happens that you buy an oil that is made from roasted fruits and is sold as a cosmetic. Roasting increases the pressability of the oil and its volume, such oil should be sold as food grade, not for cosmetic purposes.

The quality of the oil is also affected by the fact that it is imported in large barrels and then filled into consumer packages. In such a case, it is difficult to find out how long it was stored, before it was filled, under what conditions, whether it was mixed, modified and where it really comes from.

What does straight from Morocco mean?

This means that you receive 100% organic argan oil and 100% organic prickly pear oil produced and bottled immediately after pressing, directly in Morocco at the manufacturer. The fruit cores were not stored for a long time, they were collected by hand directly from the trees, and the pressing itself takes place in strictly hygienic conditions. After bottling, they are transported to us and go directly to sale.

At Orient House, we are convinced that direct purchase from manufacturers is the way to offer the highest quality natural oils and at the same time it is the key to your satisfaction.

By purchasing natural products from the Orient House family business, you can be completely sure that we know exactly what we are offering you and a full guarantee that you are getting the best quality argan oil and prickly pear oil. We care a lot about the satisfaction of you, our customers. Thank you for being with us.

The products are:

  • made in the country of origin
  • of the highest quality
  • produced in strict hygienic conditions
  • produced in family businesses
  • certified and controlled products by the international agency EcoCert, the Slovak Food Inspection Authority and the Office of Public Health
  • produced without the use of child labor
  • produced in accordance with the principle - "Fair Trade" - for quality work, reasonable wages !!!


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