The use and effects of food-grade argan oil

Culinary argan oil and its use in body care

Extra virgin argan oil is pressed from the first fruits of the Argan nut. This very rare and extremely valuable oil is a 100% natural organic substance without preservatives, containing 0% cholesterol. Due to its strong regenerative, healing, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects, it is also called liquid gold or Moroccan gold.

argánový olej

Berbers have been using argan oil for centuries in cooking, healing, and for cosmetic purposes. It contains 80% of essential unsaturated fatty acids, especially Omega 9 and Omega 6. Organic argan oil has several times higher antioxidant potential than olive oil. Contains carotenoids, phytosterols and squalene.

Due to its composition and taste, argan oil is irreplaceable in gastronomy. Gastronomic argan oil gives dishes a delicate nutty-sweet taste.

Food-grade argan oil is made from the roasted kernels of the fruits of the argania spinosa tree, the kernels are roasted at a constant temperature to soften the bitter taste of the fruits, resulting in a pleasant nutty taste of food-grade argan oil without losing vitamins and active substances.

Use of food-grade argan oil from Morocco

  • teaspoon 3 times a day before meals
  • in salads
  • into creams
  • into sauces
  • into soups...
  • for meat, poultry, fish... just before cooking
  • the animals

Composition of food-grade argan oil

arganový olej


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